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airport improvements

Aerial photo of Runway 17/35 at MSP airport

As a result of the Minnesota State Legislature's 1996 decision to expand the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) at its present site rather than build a new airport, the Metropolitan Airports Commission is completing a 14-year capital improvement plan called MSP 2010: Building a Better Airport

The results of this $3.2 billion program are impressive. No part of the airport campus - facilities, roadways or airfield - was left untouched. Since construction began in 1998, the program has won awards in virtually every area of construction and design.

A more detailed account of the program is available by downloading the MSP 2010:Building a Better Airport summary report.

Long Term Comprehensive Plan 

The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) recently updated the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport's (MSP) Long Term Comprehensive Plan (LTCP). The Metropolitan Council completed its review of the updated plan in June 2010 and the MAC board approved it in July 2010. The MAC will use the plan to assist in determining priorities for facility improvements over the next several years.

The updated plan focuses on improvements to passenger facilities to meet 2030 forecasts. The only planned modifications to the airfield are taxiway improvements to facilitate future airfield circulation.
The updated LTCP aims to:
  • Provide sufficient, sustainable facilities to serve existing and future travel demand
  • Ensure the airport's facilities (airfield, terminal, cargo, general aviation, roadways, and parking) are in balance
  • Provide improved energy efficiency
  • Minimize confusion associated with having two independently located terminals and multiple airport access points
  • Allow flexibility in growth so development can occur in phases as demand warrants
  • Use existing facilities to the fullest extent possible
  • Enhance aircraft operational safety and efficiency
Download the Final MSP Airport LTCP Document