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check in & bag check

image of ailrine electronic kioskMost airlines recommend passengers check in a minimum of 2 hours prior to a domestic flight and 2 1/2 hours prior to an international flight. Please check with your airline for its specific check-in requirements. 

Your airline's website will also have specific information about the number and size of bags allowed, as well as information about any applicable fees.

Terminal 1-Lindbergh

All Terminal 1 airlines offer ticketing and bag-check services in the Ticketing Lobby, located off of the departures roadway, one level above Baggage Claim. The Ticketing Lobby is connected to the Green and Gold parking ramps via skyway.

From the Blue and Red parking ramps, take the underground tram to the terminal and go up two levels to the Ticketing Lobby.

From the Pink and Brown ramps, enter the terminal on Level T and take an escalator or elevator to the Ticketing Lobby.

Delta Air Lines also offers electronic check-in services at three alternate sites:

  1. Far (south) end of the departures roadway, adjacent to the Gold parking ramp
  2. Inside Terminal 1 on Level T, one level below baggage claim
  3. Near Checkpoint 10 on the Concourse Connector between the Red and Blue parking ramps (carry-on bags only)

Delta Air Line's group check-in is located on Level T of Terminal 1.

Check our Airlines section to determine which terminal your airline flies from.

Terminal 2-Humphrey

At Terminal 2, you can purchase a ticket, obtain a boarding pass and check your luggage in the building's Ticketing Lobby. The lobby is located on Level 1 of the building, directly across from the Purple Ramp. Sun Country also offers curbside check-in services in front of the terminal.

Check our Airlines section to determine which terminal your airline flies from.