Jul 11, 2022

The Minnesota Department of Health’s (MDH) MSP Airport’s COVID-19 testing site at Terminal 1 is now offering test-to-treat options.

At community test-to-treat sites, Minnesotans can get tested for COVID-19 and, if positive and determined to be high-risk, will receive a prescription for medication at the same time. The change at the MSP site is taking place as the state resizes its overall community testing network, due to falling demand and ample testing options across the state.

As a result, MDH is also now offering rapid COVID-19 testing to all patients at the MSP site.

Minnesotans who test positive for COVID-19 via a rapid antigen test will be able to choose to be evaluated on site by a clinician and be given a prescription for the antiviral medication Paxlovid if it is deemed appropriate. Walk-ins are accepted but appointments are recommended at mn.gov/covid19.

The MDH and its testing partners are working with the Board of Pharmacy to complete the steps necessary for dispensing medication on-site at test-to-treat locations. Until that is authorized, prescriptions are sent to either a pharmacy of a patients’ choosing or a nearby pharmacy to be filled.

All the community test-to-treat sites will continue to test Minnesotans at no cost. The testing site at MSP continues to offer saliva tests as well.

The MDH says COVID-19 therapeutics are not right for everyone, but they can reduce severe illness or risk of hospitalization among patients who are unvaccinated, elderly, or have other risk factors. Learn more about COVID-19 medication on the treatments page on the Minnesota COVID-19 Response website.

To accommodate test-to-treat at MSP Airport, the site’s Community Vaccination operation closed at the end of June. Minnesotans can find other vaccination locations at mn.gov/vaccine.