US Aviation Service is a part of United Service Companies, based in Chicago, ll, and a business partner of Delta Air Lines at MSP where service aircraft for Delta Air Lines.
Cabin Cleaning
Cleaning interior aircraft cabins, lavatories and galleys, performing security searches, and operating/driving ground equipment. Report and turn in all Lost and Found items to your Supervisor immediately.
Lavatory and Water airplane service Driver
Servicing the lavatory portals underneath each aircraft. Operating/driving the lavatory truck.
Cabin Lead Driver
Cabin Leads exemplify teamwork and provide direction for team members for a successful cabin operation. Duties include but not limited to the following: Safety First always TSA knowledge Policy adherence (all regulatory and customer-issued)
Duty Manager
Delegate and organize as needed. Pay attention to details of scheduling needs to ensure supervisors are doing the same. Monitor and oversee any issues as requested by leadership involving other agencies as needed, including but not limited to: TSA, FAA, emergency personnel, customers, postal officials, trucking companies and CBP. Schedule appropriate supervisor shift coverage at all times.
Supervisor provide direct supervision for all aspects of a successful cabin cleaning operation which include but are not limited to the following: Safety First at all times. TSA knowledge. Work schedule understanding. Operational flow knowledge (hourly/daily activity). Client system knowledge. Coach, mentor, and counsel cabin service agents to work together for continuous development of a SAFE and successful Cabin Clean Team; lead by example at all time.
Hi-Lift Truck Driver
Basically, Load and Unload unused supply and used supply.
Assign all aircraft, Lavatory and Water assignments to the leads or agents. Answer all incoming calls from Delta, Supervisors and Leads. Call hangars. Hourly, send planning report, delay report, PDA usage report and not-to-spec report to specific managers with cc to all manager. At shift start, send Duty Report to all leadership on shift and Delta with cc to other dispatchers.
Cabin Warehouse
Prepares for the provisioning of flights by stocking provisioning trucks with items from the warehouse. Stocking provisioning trucks. Maintaining provisioning trucks in a clean and orderly fashion. Operating warehouse equipment as trained. Keeps works area clean by organizing warehouse supplies.

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