Current Construction

Plenty of change is on its way as we reimagine the entire MSP experience. Every step of your journey is poised for improvement, including: parking, check-in, dining, shopping, passenger amenities and baggage claim. You’ll enjoy new restaurants and retail stores, thoughtfully designed restrooms, more on-site parking and an overall smoother visit.

Visit for the most up-to-date information on improvement projects currently underway.

Long Term Facility Planning

The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) updates MSP's Long Term Comprehensive Plan (LTCP) regularly. The last update occurred in 2010 for the planning horizon of 2030. The next planning process has begun and will look out to the year 2040.

The 2040 plan will focus on improvements to passenger facilities to meet 2040 forecasts, as did the previous plan for the year 2030. No significant improvements are contemplated for the airfield, as it has an adequate capacity as is.

The most recent LTCP can be found below.

Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport Final Long Term Comprehensive Plan

The documents listed below are PDF files. You must have Adobe® Reader installed on your computer to view them. Adobe® Reader is available free for downloading at

 Table of Contents (323kB)

 Executive Summary (1.2MB)

 Chapter 1: Inventory (5.2MB)

 Chapter 2: Forecasts (278 kB)

 Chapter 3: Facility Requirements (166 kB)

 Chapter 4: Alternatives (6.6MB)

 Chapter 5: Environmental Considerations (8.7MB)

 Chapter 6: Land Use Compatibility (1.8MB)

 Chapter 7: Facility Implementation Schedule and Cost (81kB)

 Chapter 8: Public Information Process(52kB)

 Appendix A: Additional Forecast Tables (500kB)

 Appendix B: Additional Environmental Tables (98kB)

 Appendix C: Costs Back-Up (90kB)

 Appendix D: Draft MSP 2010 LTCP Comments and Reponses (2.7MB)