SSP America Opens Acclaimed Local Restaurants Republic and LoLo at MSP

Nov 1, 2016

Republic is a modern day gastropub where visitors and locals of all passenger demographics will find a comfortable seat. The celebrated establishment—it’s original 7 Corners location was named among the “Top Beer Bars in America 2013-2016” by Draft Magazine— delivers exactly what natives are so proud of in the region’s land of plenty: locally crafted beer and flavorful food grown by regional farmers. 


In an exciting partnership to premiere only at Republic’s Terminal 1 location, the widely acclaimed McNally Smith College of Music—which has helped students build contemporary careers in music for over 30 years—will showcase the talents of its students, alumni and faculty with live music performances during peak travel times (3:30–7:00pm on Thursdays and Fridays, and 1:30–5pm on Sundays). Reflecting the diversity of music styles taught at the College, performances will span a variety of genres, ranging from traditional jazz to classical guitar to hip-hop.


Matthew O’Reilly, owner of Republic commented, “We’re thrilled to have our brand represented at MSP Airport. We’ve worked hard to be a leader in local and craft beer. Our hope is to carry that message to MSP travelers so they can experience what we’re up to. The McNally/Smith connection is a perfect fit. We’re very much in to local music and the arts, so we could not have asked for a better partner aligned with our values."


"We’re excited to partner with Republic to bring the first-ever live music venue to MSP, and we’re honored to share the richness and diversity of our community’s musical talent with the million-plus travelers who pass through the airport every year," says McNally Smith President Harry Chalmiers.


LoLo means “Locally Owned Locally Operated” and it’s owners, Brad Nordeen and Joe Ehlenz, have created a bar scene in their hometown of Stillwater that focuses on craft cocktails and beer and food made using locally made ingredients. The open kitchen will allow diners to see and interact with the chefs to experience the creation of memorable food.  LoLo at MSP will be a space where people feel appreciated—where passengers can have a well-shaken cocktail or a beautifully constructed small plate featuring prized, seasonal ingredients.


Joe Ehlenz, managing partner of LoLo explained, “Our goal is to deliver an authentic experience to the MSP traveler. We want to keep the same ideals that we’ve kept street side—scratch bar to kitchen using local distillers and food products. It’s been a winning combination for us, and we believe with SSP America as our operating partner, it will be a winning combination at the Airport.”


Brian Ryks, Chief Executive Officer of the Metropolitan Airports Commission commended SSP by saying: “SSP has been a long-time partner of Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport and has demonstrated time and again its commitment to upholding MSP’s mission ‘to provide your best airport experience.’ Republic and LoLo showcase some of the best restaurants our state has to offer. I want to thank SSP for its support of some outstanding local entrepreneurs and its elevation of MSP’s restaurant offerings in terms of both design and culinary innovation.”  


Michael Svagdis, president and CEO of SSP America, commented, “Republic and LoLo are incredible examples of the Twin Cities thriving food scene, renowned Midwestern hospitality, and diverse culture that celebrates the region’s bountiful farmland. By layering in performances that showcase the rich music traditions of the region, the McNally Smith College of Music will ensure MSP passengers enjoy an environment that delivers a complete Midwest experience. The SSP America team is thrilled to bring these three extraordinary culinary and cultural institutions to MSP.”  




Further information: Lana Cramer

Vice President, Corporate Marketing and Communications 



About SSP America

SSP America is a division of SSP Group, a global leader in the business of creating restaurants, bars, cafés and marches in environments where people are on the move. With over 50 years of experience, SSP's 30,000 employees serve over one million passengers daily in more than 30 countries.  Our operations span an estimated 2,000 restaurants across 130 airports and 290 rail stations representing over 500 of the world's best brands.


The SSP America team is driven by a shared vision to lead a food travel movement inspiring passengers to view the airport as a culinary destination. Our employees have a passion for bringing the airports we serve exceptional food and inviting hospitality.  Our airport partners trust SSP America to deliver a world-class portfolio of brands with broad passenger appeal and lasting commercial viability.  Our brands include locally renowned restaurants, national brands with worldwide recognition and our own exclusive brands tailored for each market.


About Metropolitan Airports Commission 

The Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) is a public corporation of the state of Minnesota. The MAC owns and operates seven airports in the Minneapolis–St. Paul metropolitan area, including Minneapolis–St. Paul International Airport and six general aviation facilities. Through operation of its airports, the MAC generates more than $10 billion annually for the area economy and supports more than 76,000 area jobs.


About Republic

Top 100 Beer Bars in America 2013-2016, Draft Magazine.


About McNally Smith College of Music

McNally Smith College of Music helps students make and sustain a life in the music, media and audio industries. The College offers a unique curriculum designed to prepare students through a combined emphasis on artistry, technology and entrepreneurship. Accredited by the National Association of Schools of Music, McNally Smith offers a variety of degrees and programs for study, including Bachelor degrees, Associate degrees and Diploma programs. 


About LoLo American Kitchen & Craft Bar

LoLo means “Locally Owned Locally Operated” and it’s owners, Brad Nordeen and Joe Ehlenz, have created a bar scene in their hometown of Stillwater that focuses on craft cocktails and beer and food made using locally made ingredients.