Firefighters and firehouses are known for their generosity and involvement within the communities they serve. At Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, the community may look different, but the engagement and generosity look much the same.

The MSP Airport Fire Department serves airport employees, travelers and other visitors to its campus. In 2019, more than 38 million people traveled through the airport (approximately 100,000 daily) and more than 20,000 employees work there.  

What does community involvement look like for an airport fire department?

Night to Unite – Similar to the annual community-based events taking place across the U.S. the first week of August, MSP Airport also holds an event for Night to Unite. The department participates in this event, creating opportunities for connection and conversation with both employees and travelers from all over the world.

Fill the Boot – For more than 60 years, firehouses across the U.S. – including MSP Airport’s – have participated in this fundraiser benefitting the Muscular Dystrophy Association. In 2020, firefighters raised more than $2 million for research and support for families.   “Give MDA the boot.”

Fire House Tours – While placed on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, for many years the fire department has hosted tours of its fire houses. The tours keep the department connected to the community, as well as expose young people to firefighting as a career.

Fire Prevention and CPR Training – Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, the department conducted regular in-person trainings for airport businesses and their employees covering fire prevention and administering CPR. The department looks forward to resuming these trainings in the future.

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image of the MDA's fill the boot promotional materials
image of canine mascots from the airport fire and police departments Sparky and Blue
Sparky and Blue pose togther during the 2019 Nite-to-Unite at MSP's Terminal 1