I received a citation. What do I do now?

Citations issued by the Airport Police Department are Hennepin County citations. For assistance, call the phone number on the back of the citation (612-348-2040) or visit MN Courts- Fourth District.

My vehicle was towed. What do I do now?

Obtain a release form at the Airport Police Department's Police Operations Center, located at Terminal 1-Lindbergh on the Baggage Claim Level near Door 1. The form can then be brought to the impound lot for release. Vehicles are released to the owner. A valid driver must be present and the owner may be requested to provide proof of insurance and/or registration. For questions, please contact a community service officer at 612-467-0588. For seized vehicles, please contact the investigations lieutenant at 612-726-5115.

How do I report lost or stolen property?

If you believe your property was stolen at MSP Airport, please contact our Police Department's Emergency Communication Center at 612-726-5577. 

If you are trying to recover a lost item, you can find more information on our Lost and Found page. 

Items lost in public spaces at the airport (including TSA checkpoints) can be reported online to our Lost and Found office. This online site is monitored closely during business hours. If you are having trouble creating a report, you may call the Lost and Found office at 612-726-5141. 

For items left onboard an aircraft or in an airline-controlled area such as a gate, you will need to make a report with the airline. If you need help finding your airline's lost and found number, call our customer communications team at 612-726-5555 between 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. for additional assistance. 

For more information regarding a lost passport or travel documents, visit the website of the U.S. State Department. 


I was in a motor vehicle crash. Do I need to contact the police?

You must contact the police if personal injury has occurred or if public property is damaged in the crash. Police do not need to be contacted for minor personal property damage crashes. However, if an officer's presence is desirable, please contact the police and explain the incident to the dispatcher.

It is required that you file a report with the state of Minnesota if the total damage for both vehicles combined exceeds $1,000, or if a personal injury has occurred. These report forms are available at any police department and online here.

Who prosecutes cases for the Airport Police Department?

Felony level cases, along with criminal sexual conduct cases and juvenile cases, are prosecuted by the Hennepin County Attorney’s Office. Gross misdemeanor, misdemeanor and petty misdemeanor cases are prosecuted by Chestnut Cambronne Attorneys at Law. Federal cases are prosecuted by the U.S. Attorney’s Office.  

Are Airport Police officers different from other police officers?

Airport Police Officers are sworn peace officers in the state of Minnesota licensed through POST. Airport Police Department officers are required to have the same education and training as all other officers in the state of Minnesota. An Airport Police officer's primary duty is to patrol airport property; however, they are empowered by state law to take action outside of their designated patrol area. 

Can I park in front of the terminals?

Strict federal security directives prohibit parked or unattended vehicles on the roadways in front of terminals. Such vehicles pose a potential threat from concealed explosive devices and will be ticketed and towed. Stopping at the curb is allowed only long enough to drop off and pick up waiting travelers and their luggage. At no time can a vehicle be left unattended. Although inconvenient, your compliance helps maintain a safe and secure airport environment for everyone. Community service officers are on-duty around the clock patrolling in front of the terminal buildings. The alternatives to waiting curbside are to park in Hourly or Short-Term parking ramps, or wait in the Cell Phone Lot located off of Highway 5 and Post Road until your party is ready to be picked up.

What do I do if I see an unattended bag?

Call 911 and report the bag to the Airport Police.

How do I request an Airport Police Department patch?

The Airport Police Department (APD) receives numerous requests for police patches. Due to the large number of requests and for security reasons, the APD is unable to provide its department patch to other agencies or collectors.

During official police business, what is required to fly armed?

Follow the federal regulations described on the Transportation Security Administration's website under LEO Travel.