To provide all necessary and required fueling services as contracted by the customer to include but not be limited to aircraft fueling/de-fueling,vehicle fueling and operation of motorized/non-motorized fueling equipment.
Fueling Agent
-Receive, store, transfer, and dispense petroleum fuel products -Operate motorized fueling vehicles (fuel tank trucks, standard and automatic transmissions) -Operate non-motorized fueling vehicles (hydrant carts) -Fuel and de-fuel aircraft per flight crew/flight plan requirements -Inspect fueling equipment and vehicles – report malfunctions or inconsistencies -Perform accurate fueling calculations -Fuel ground support equipment (gasoline or diesel) as required -Interact with carrier personnel -Utilize hand-held radios, telephones and computers for communication -Complete and submit all documentation associated with fueling activities -Respond to fuel emergencies (i.e. fuel spills) utilizing emergency response cart and follow established environmental/company guidelines -Comply with all federal, state, municipal, airport authority and carrier security requirements -Must comply with Swissport SOPs and policies

Inquiries and Information