Broad Functions: To create a positive guest experience in a professional, friendly, helpful, and timely manner resulting in the highest level of guest satisfaction while serving their food
Server Position
Main Duties and Responsibilities: 1. Greet all guests and escort them to their table. 2. Follow the Guest Program’s steps of service including the presentation of food and drink menus, making recommendations and answering questions regarding beverages. 3. Accurately take food and beverage orders from guests and enter them in the point-of-sale system. 4. Prepare dishes for service, to include ladling soup, cutting portions of pie and desserts and brewing coffee before serving to the guest. 5. Deliver food and beverages from kitchen and bar to guests in a timely matter. 6. Perform side work at the start and end of each shift as required by service station assignment. 7. Maintain clean service areas. 8. Monitor and observe guests dining experience. Ensure guests are satisfied with the food and service. Respond promptly and courteously to any requests. 9. Prepare final bill, present check to guest, accept payment, process credit card charges or make change if necessary. 10. Clear all dishes away from table and ensure guest makes payment. 11. Sweep, mop floors and re-stock items in the restaurant and wipe down assigned workstations. 12. Be ready and willing to assist fellow servers as situations arise. 13. Assist Utility Associate by disposing food leftovers from dishes to the garbage containers.

Inquiries and Information