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Welcome to PARKmsp—the official parking system for the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. Close, covered and convenient, PARKmsp offers various long- and short-term parking options. And with ePark® automated entrances and exits, there’s usually no waiting in line to park or head home. All lots are safe, secure and easy to navigate. So whether you’re jetting off across the world, making a quick day trip or just picking someone up, when it comes to parking, we’ve got you covered. Please note: parking for longer than 45 days in any MSP Airport ramp is not permitted.  


MSP Parking Information

Call 612-725-4670 for:
  • parking availability
  • rates
  • locations
  • duplicate receipts
  • inquiries
  • MSP Reimagined

  • Quick Ride Ramp
  • Eat at the airport