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general parking

The General Parking ramps at Terminal 1-Lindbergh are designed for visits of more than 11 hours. The Green and Gold parking ramps are connected to Terminal 1-Lindbergh via enclosed skyways on Level 3. The Red and Blue parking ramps are connected via underground tram from Level T. With a clearance of 7', all General Parking ramps are safe, covered and convenient for flights. You really can’t go wrong.

Need to charge an electric car? Don’t fret. There are five electric vehicle-charging stations located on Level 8 of both the Red and Blue ramps.

MSP Parking Information

Call 1-877-FLY-PARK (1-877-359-7275) for:
  • parking availability
  • rates
  • locations
  • duplicate receipts
  • inquiries
  • MSP Reimagined

  • Quick Ride Ramp
  • Eat at the airport