The unfortunate reality is that large events attract not only large numbers of people but also criminalactivity, including sex trafficking.
At MSP, we’ve been training employees and volunteers to recognize the signs that someone might be being trafficked and how to report it.

You can help, too. Be alert for the following signs – particularly if you observe several of them occurring with the same person.

Signs someone may be the victim of human trafficking:

  1. Not in control of his or her own travel documents
  2. Looks afraid
  3. Has bruises
  4. Someone appears to be "in charge” of them
  5. Doesn't  know flight destination
  6. Doesn't seem to know the name of traveling companion
  7. Appears fearful of police officers or people in uniforms
  8. Looks to someone else to answer even the most basic questions

Call 911 if you suspect someone might be a victim of human trafficking. Our officers are trained to ask the right questions of them to determine whether a crime is being committed or not. Once you report what you've observed, you are out of the picture. No one will ask you to become more involved. Just be ready to describe the people involved, what’s happening that makes you suspicious, and where they are located within the airport. Remember, anyone could be a victim – male or female, child or adult. And thank you for being an extra set of eyes and ears to help victims of sex trafficking.