How do I obtain a wheelchair at the curb?

Contact your airline to request wheelchair service. In order to accommodate travelers with special needs, airlines ask that you call at least 48 hours in advance. If you are being dropped off at MSP and require wheelchair assistance, please request to be dropped off on the Ticketing Level, Door 3 if you are flying with Delta Air Lines, Door 1B for all other airlines.

Where should I be dropped off if I need wheelchair assistance?

If you are being dropped off at MSP Airport and require wheelchair assistance, please request to be dropped off on the Ticketing Level, Door 3 if you are flying with Delta Air Lines, Door 1B for all other airlines.

Will airline personnel push my wheelchair from the parking ramp to the Ticketing Level?

Please make arrangements for a family member or friend to accompany you to and from the parking facilities. Your airline cannot guarantee someone will be available to assist you.

Will anyone help push wheelchairs in the terminals?

Airlines provide services for passengers needing assistance. Please contact your airline in advance of your arrival at MSP so it can note your request on your reservation record. When you arrive at MSP, let your airline representative at the ticket counter or gate area know that you will need assistance.

I use a wheelchair. Should I use a specific security checkpoint?

All security checkpoints, at both terminal buildings, are equipped to screen passengers who use wheelchairs.  

Is it necessary to tip the cart drivers or wheelchair pushers?

All airline assistance services are complimentary. Tipping is customary, but not required.

Should I inform the gate agent if I need wheelchair assistance to board the aircraft?

Yes. Please inform the airline gate agent if you need assistance boarding the aircraft. It is best also to notify your airline when making your reservation that you will need assistance boarding.

Where is the service animal/pet relief area?

The MSP maintains pet and service animal relief areas at both terminals.

Terminal 1 Locations: 

  • Pre-Security Checkpoint: 
    • North end of the Arrivals Level, outside of Door 1
    • South end of the Arrivals Level, outside of Door 4
    • Ground Level of the Rental Car Lobby in the Silver Ramp, outside of the doors on the east end of the building by the escalators
  • Post Security Checkpoint:  
    • Near entrance to Concourse E on the North end of the Mall
    • On Concourse F, near Gate F5
    • On Concourse C by Gate C13 on the mezzanine level north of the C/G Connector Skyway

Terminal 2 locations:  

  • Pre-Security Checkpoint:  Use the grassy area just outside of Door 8, on Level 1, near baggage claim.
  • Post Security Checkpoint:  Near Gate H11.


Passengers traveling with a service animal can request an escort from their airline or Travelers Assistance to the pet relief area.

What is the policy for traveling with oxygen?

Federal law does not allow passengers to bring their own oxygen onto an airplane, except when using an airline-approved oxygen concentrator. It is mandatory that passengers needing oxygen make arrangements before the day of their flight. While some airlines may provide oxygen, when requested in advance, many others no longer offer this service. It is important that passengers make the necessary arrangements either through their airline or on their own before coming to the airport.

Passengers who bring a non-approved, filled oxygen tank to the airport will not be permitted to carry it through security or onto the plane. They will be asked to have a family member or friend retrieve the tank. Airlines cannot be responsible for storing a tank at the airport.

Tanks that have been purged and are free of pressure may be checked as baggage.

If a passenger has made no prior arrangements and the airline cannot provide oxygen, the airline may deny boarding privileges for safety reasons.

Are any restrooms equipped with adult change tables?
Three restrooms with adult changing tables are available at Terminal 1. These restrooms can be located on Concourse D near the Traveler's Assistance main office, on Concourse G near gate G17, and pre-security on Arrivals — near Baggage Carousel 6. Note that both the Concourse G and Arrivals restrooms are also equipped with a hoist in addition to the adult change tables. 
What do I do if I have metal implants? Do I need a note from my doctor?

Please let a security screener know, either in writing or verbally, that you have a metal implant. A note from your doctor is not necessary. You may, however, want to allow extra time for screening, as you may need to undergo a secondary screening process.

I have a pacemaker. What should I do when being screened?

Please let Transportation Security Administration (TSA) representative know that you have a pacemaker prior to be being screened. For more information about traveling with personal medical devices, check out the TSA's blog.

Who is the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) coordinator for the airport?

Tekia Jefferson is the ADA coordinator for MSP. She works for the Metropolitan Airports Commission, the organization that owns and operates MSP, and can be reached by calling 612-726-8196. Or call 612-726-8100 and ask for her. All ADA complaints about the airport should be directed to her.