MSP’s Terminal 1 South Security Checkpoint use restricted due to construction

Aug 17, 2017

Beginning Tuesday, Aug. 22, Terminal 1-Lindbergh’s South Security Checkpoint at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport will partially close while new automated security equipment is installed. Lanes that remain open will be for TSA Pre-Check users only. Other travelers will be directed to the North Security Checkpoint on the other side of the ticketing lobby.

When installed, the new automated screening lanes will automate many of the functions previously conducted manually, allowing travelers to move more swiftly and efficiently through the checkpoint.

Each of the four new lanes will offer multiple stations at which customers can remove shoes, belts, jackets, watches, phones and other items for placement in personal property bins. Conveyor belts will operate automatically, moving carry-on bags and property bins through X-ray machines. Carry-on bags or items in personal property bins that trigger a need for further inspection will automatically shift to a separate bag belt, allowing other bags and bins to continue moving uninterrupted. In addition, conveyors located at the far ends of security lanes will carry emptied property bins back to the front of the line for use by people beginning the screening process.

Construction and testing of the automated security lanes will take approximately three weeks. The work was timed to occur after the busy summer travel season to minimize disruption to travelers. Passengers continue to be advised to arrive at the airport two hours before a domestic flight or three hours before an international flight.

Automated security lanes will be installed at the North Security Checkpoint in 2018.