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Use these tips to Travel Confidently through the TSA checkpoint:

  • Markings on the floor measuring six feet apart make social distancing a snap.  
  • Travelers can bring up to 12 oz. of hand sanitizer through the security checkpoints.
  • Passengers can wear masks during the screening process – though you may have to adjust your mask to confirm your identity.
  • The TSA is disinfecting touchpoints and bins continuously and all frontline employees will be wearing gloves. You may always ask your agent to put on fresh gloves before a search of your belongings.
  • Pack items you will need to remove during screening, such as snacks, in smaller bags.
  • Travelers will be scanning their own boarding passes and identification to minimize contact. Make things even easier by utilizing electronic boarding passes and electronic passports
  • Don't forget, while lines may appear longer due to social distancing, what you are seeing is not a long line, it is a safe line!


1 号航站楼 以下几个位置设有美国运输安全管理局检查站

  • 位于 C/G 天桥的 10 号人行天桥安检站,开放时间为凌晨 5:30 到 下午1:30 周一至周五。仅限随身行李。
  • 售票层的南北两端的检查站。 1 号航站楼两个检查站中有一个处于常开状态。通常,两个售票层检查站的开放时间均为凌晨 4:00 点。
  • G 广场的 7 号安检站仅供国际乘客使用。

2 号航站楼设有两个安检站,位于第 2 层。

  • 靠近橘色和紫色停车坡道人行天桥。
  • 两个安检口中至少有一个将在凌晨 3:30 至晚上 10 点开放。两个安检口在晚上 10 点至凌晨 3:30 关闭。

全球入境 (Global Entry)

全球入境 (Global Entry) 是美国海关和边防保护计划, 允许在抵达美国时为预先核准的低风险旅行者提供快速通关。虽然该计划的宗旨是为频繁出行的国际旅客提供方便,但并未设置最少旅行次数资格。

两个航站楼均设有全球入境 (Global Entry)。


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美国运输安全管理局安检时, 乘客通常不用脱鞋,在随身携带的袋子里保留 3-1-1 合规的液体、凝胶和气溶胶,把手提电脑放在袋子里,无需解开腰带并继续穿浅色外衣。



TSA precheck




CLEAR 通过可使用指纹或虹膜识别旅客的生物识别技术提供便捷的机场安全检查操作。1 号航站楼南北检查站均设有查询机。更多关于注册会员的信息,请访问