You Can Help Prevent Human Trafficking 

Victims of human trafficking are forced into performing labor or sexual services against their will and without option.

Federal data shows that 70%* of victims are transported through airports to destinations without connections, support or hope.

That means at least 50 passengers at MSP a month are here against their will.  But together, we can help reroute their lives.

MSP is training all employees and vendor partners to watch for the signs that a person is being held against their will, spreading awareness to all MSP travelers, and partnering with organizations with the same goal in mind: To be the end of the line for human trafficking.


Several Ways You Can Learn More: 

Call or text 9-1-1 right away if you are witnessing a dangerous situation.

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Be Aware of Key Signs

Traffickers are experts in manipulation and hiding their crimes. However, when traveling, some signs can suggest that a person is being trafficked:

  • Few or no personal items

  • Have no knowledge of travel details such as destination

  • Seem to be controlled, closely watched or followed, and defer conversation to someone else

  • May be frightened of uniformed security personnel


Do a Quick Training

Polaris is taking on the biggest fights in changing the conditions that make human trafficking possible, including the underlying inequities and injustices that make people vulnerable. Polaris offer an easy, quick and thorough training that helps everyone understand how to prevent and reduce trafficking in your home town and around the world.


Learn About Airports’ Role

The Blue Lightning Initiative ​​​​​is a collaboration between the Department of Transportation (DOT) and DHS Component Agency, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). They offer a range of information for people in different industries — including aviation — as well as training and resources.

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