Our Version of Neighborhood Watch

Similar to a neighborhood watch program, MSP Airport Watch calls upon its members to be the extra set of "eyes and ears" when out visiting areas near the perimeter of the airport campus. These locations typically include the area used by dog owners off 28th Avenue behind the Metropolitan Airports Commission's executive offices, the Cell Phone Lot on Post Road where aviation buffs like to spend time watching airplanes take off and land, and other non-public locations that were closed to the public after 9/11.

The program's objective is to identify and deter criminal activity at MSP. Effective crime prevention requires a proactive approach to anticipating risks and dealing with them immediately. Typically, most crimes occur when the opportunity is present and the risk of getting caught is low. MSP Airport Watch seeks to employ crime prevention tactics designed to significantly reduce the opportunity and increase the risk of getting caught, thereby reducing overall crime.

Airport Watch

What do members do?

Being a member does not require much dedicated time. Members go about their daily business as usual. Many are aviation enthusiasts and/or aviation photographers and already spend time at the airport. Others may be dog owners who already visit airport property regularly. However, anyone with an interest in helping to deter and prevent crime around the airport is welcome to apply.

When a member is on airport property and observes atypical or unusual activities, they call the MSP Emergency Communications Center and provide them with as much information as possible without approaching the situation. The ECC will summon the appropriate assistance. Members also attend a monthly meeting on the 3rd Tuesday of each month to receive updates and training.

Anyone interested in becoming an MSP Airport Watch member is required to complete an application and undergo a background check. Members must also:

  • Be Minnesota residents 18 years of age or older

  • Submit a written application (available when you inquire)

  • Consent to an initial background check that includes being fingerprinted

  • Have a photo taken for an identification card

  • Have a cell phone available to use

  • Attend a training class on safety and report activity when on the airport campus

  • Apply for membership renewal annually (including an updated background check and photo ID)

  • When on the airport campus, wear a program shirt, jacket or vest and display your ID card and auto dashboard placard

  • Adhere to program rules and guidelines

Contact MSP Airport Watch

Contact the MSP Airport Police Department for more information about becoming a member: mspairportwatch@gmail.com or 612-726-5115.

MSP Airport Watch Brochure

Download the brochure here: MSP Airport Watch Brochure