ePark® Elite Parking

ePark® Elite is an excellent time-saving option for business travelers and frequent MSP flyers. This program guarantees that there will always be a parking space for you at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, no matter the day, the time or the current capacity at either terminal parking facility. When you join ePark® Elite, you get the ease of a touchless payment and the peace of mind of guaranteed, convenient parking. Plus, the ePark® Elite transponder can be shared between individuals and vehicles, adding value to your investment in convenience.

Get Started

  1. Open the application form (pdf document)
  2. Type in the required information or print the form and fill it out using black ink
  3. Print the completed form, sign and date it
  4. Fax it to 612-726-5728 or scan it and email the scanned file to eParkElite@mspmac.org or mail your application to the address listed at the top of the form
  5. Once your application is received, an ePark® Elite representative will contact you for payment info and send you a membership kit

Program Costs

As an ePark® Elite member, you’ll pay:

  • $65 a month
  • The standard Terminal 1 rate for the time parked

For more details about the ePark® Elite program, call 612-726-5650 or email eParkElite@mspmac.org.