May 16, 2023

The summer travel season heats up after Memorial Day weekend, with schools wrapping up their academic calendars and more airline passengers taking to the skies.

MSP Airport is excited for the busy summer ahead and has some tips to share as you plan your next trip.

Based on flight schedules, MSP is anticipating passenger activity this summer that’s about 10 percent above 2022 levels. The total number of routes served at MSP will reach 224 in June and stay near that level until September. Visit our direct flight route map to see all our nonstop destinations.

Sun Country Airlines just added 14 sunny destinations, including Wilmington, NC. WestJet launches its inaugural service to two Canadian cities -- Edmonton and Saskatoon -- in June. Alaska Airlines direct service to Portland, Ore. returned this month. And Delta Air Lines resumes service on 11 routes from MSP, including Albuquerque N.M., Colorado Springs, Colo., and Richmond Va.

As you arrive at MSP for a pick-up or drop-off, remember that at Terminal 1 you can use either roadway level. If, for instance, the line for drop-offs is long on the upper level, drop off your passenger on the arrivals level.

Also consider using the cell phone waiting lot on Post Road for staging prior to pick-up for an arriving flight.

We advise passengers to arrive two hours ahead of a domestic departure, and three hours ahead of an international flight. That gives you time to park, check your bags, clear security, find your gate and hopefully enjoy a bit of downtime before you start boarding.

Visit the TSA’s security screening page for tips on moving through checkpoints smoothly.

Once you’re on your way to your gate, don’t forget all the options that await you for food, beverages and shopping. Whether you’re planning a sit-down meal or need to pick something up fast, MSP has you covered.

We look forward to serving you at MSP!