Jun 7, 2023

It might be the setup to an airport joke: what happens when you marry two passenger boarding bridges?

At MSP, it’s no joke. Concourse G passenger boarding bridges G10 and G11 were linked up to create a sky bridge, of sorts, for passengers arriving at Delta Air Lines’ gate G13. That gate is being used temporarily for international arrivals. The bridge link offers a secure corridor for passengers to access MSP’s existing international arrival facilities located in a separate area of the concourse.

The unusual use of the boarding bridges provided a more cost-effective and quicker solution than building a temporary secure pathway inside the concourse.

The temporary international gate will be in use through the fall while crews reconstruct concrete ramp areas between gates G9 and G13, including the replacement of three jet bridges.

Check out the timelapse video of the four-hour effort required for crews to marry up the bridges, which were rotated 90 degrees from their gate doors.