Getting Around on the Ground

In addition to various on-site parking options at MSP, there are many alternative means to travel to and from MSP. Please click the links below for additional information.

Cars and Shuttles

Local Public Transportation

Intercity and Interstate Buses

To reach the new facilities in the Silver Ramp, travelers will take the underground tram from Terminal 1 toward the Red and Blue parking ramps and light rail station. After getting off the tram, follow the signs for rental cars and the transit center. You will need to take an escalator or elevator up one level after entering the new building.

Moving from Terminal to Terminal

Moving between MSP’s terminals is free on the light rail transit (LRT) service.

Trains run between terminals around the clock, seven days a week, approximately every 15 minutes. 

The light rail transit page has more information about LRT service at MSP.

Find out more about MSP’s Inter-Terminal Shuttle Service for passengers who have special needs.


Review this detailed instructional map before biking to the airport to ensure you use roadways where biking is legal.

Please note that bike access on Post Rd. and E. 70th Street may be limited or unavailable this summer as crews reconstruct E. 70th Street. Click here for more information on the project.


Bus Operator Information

Bus Operators can follow these directions for picking up or dropping off passengers at the airport.