City Bus Service

City bus service (Route 54) is provided by Metro Transit. City bus pick up and drop off is located in the Transit Center on Level 1 of the Silver Ramp. 

There is no bus pick-up at Terminal 2. Passengers arriving at Terminal 2 must take light rail transit (or another means of transportation) to Terminal 1 to access city buses. There is no charge for rail service between MSP's terminals.

For bus fare and route information, please contact Metro Transit. To access 24-hour automated bus information, call 612-341-4287. To call the Regional Transit Information Center directly, dial 612-373-3333.

Travelers can also find information on the Metro Transit website.

Silver Ramp Transit Center

Jefferson Lines

Scheduled bus service is available through Jefferson Lines. Buses serve 14 states throughout the Midwest including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Idaho, Washington, Montana, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Wyoming.

Tickets are available at the Jefferson Lines ticket counter, as well as online at Buses pick up and drop off passengers at Terminal 1 in the Transit Center on Level 1 of the Silver Ramp.

To pick up or drop off a Jefferson Lines passenger at the airport, you can park in the Red or Blue Ramp or use the Upper East Roadway where the hotel shuttles drop off passengers. Non-commercial vehicles are not allowed in the Ground Transport Center.

Minnesota Valley Transit Authority (MVTA)

The Minnesota Valley Transit Authority bus service to the airport is available bi-hourly, seven days a week, via Route 495.

Route 495 picks up and drops off at the Terminal 1 Transit Center on Level 1 of the Silver Ramp.

For more information, please visit or call customer service at 952-882-7500. MVTA is the public transportation agency for seven cities throughout the southern metropolitan area.

Southwest Transit

Southwest Transit, which operates in the southwest metro area, serves the airport only on demand. Please contact the service at 952-949-2287 for reservations and more information, or visit this web page.

Southwest Transit picks up passengers at both Terminal 1 (Transit Center on Level 1 of the Silver Ramp) and Terminal 2 (Ground Transportation Center on Level 1 of the Purple Ramp).

Charter Buses

Charter bus drivers should pick up and drop off at the Silver Ramp at Terminal 1, accessed from the inbound roadway (follow the signs that read “Buses/Oversized Vehicles”).

At Terminal 2, Charter bus drivers should pick up and drop off at the Ground Transportation Center directly across the street from departures. For more information, please click here or call Landside Operations at 612-726-5463.

Silver Ramp Transit Center

Before You Go

Follow these travel tips to get to your destination safely:

  • Keep belongings secure and close

  • Share the details of your trip with a friend

  • Use navigation apps to follow along and ensure you are heading in the right direction