Sep 13, 2019

Hungry travelers at MSP Airport who find themselves crunched for time now have dining options that can keep them on the move.

Two airport dining-related apps are now in use at MSP and growing in popularity.

AtYourGate allows travelers to order food from participating airport restaurants and have it delivered within Terminal 1.

“We pick up your order and deliver to locations across Terminal 1,” said Matheus Krause de Arruda Palmeira, the associate director of AtYourGate at MSP.

AtYourGate employees are frequently spotted moving quickly through the terminal with meals in hand, bringing orders to passengers and airport employees.

Deliveries from AtYourGate go out as far as the Transit Center on the non-secure side at Terminal 1. The fee for delivery is $2.99 per order.

You can find the AtYourGate app in the iPhone and Android app stores.

Another new app is Grab, which allows travelers to order food from participating MSP restaurants ahead of their arrival and skip the line. Grab’s service is available at more than 35 airports across the U.S.

The app allows travelers to search for the type of food their craving, or search by restaurant. Once the order is placed, travelers will head to the restaurant and its designated Grab pickup location, where their order will be waiting. There are no additional fees to use the service, and the app is also found in the iPhone and Android app stores.

“Mobile ordering at an airport is becoming the norm for time-strapped passengers, especially when you’re trying to make a connection,” said Jeff Livney, Grab’s chief experience officer. “We’re excited to have our service available at MSP.”

For business travelers, Grab receipts can be seamlessly forwarded to Concur or Expensify, popular expense-reporting programs.

Both apps have a favorites area and will keep payment methods stored, making it all the more easy to fuel up for the journey.