Apr 11, 2023

If you’re relaxing at the airport and deep in a craving for donuts, a new vending option with freshly loaded pastries is there to help.

The Donut Trap vending machine, now located on Concourse G, near Gate G17 and Starbucks, is convenient and user-friendly. Donut Trap’s unique cake donuts are packed fresh daily and come with a variety of delicious toppings.

This unique concept was created by Bradley Taylor (pictured), a local baker who got into the donut business while he was a student at the University of Minnesota. He’s had a pop-up donut shop, a retail location, a food truck (which is still operating) and now the Donut Trap vending machines, which is co-owned by Taylor and his wife, Ashley. The machine on Concourse G was Donut Trap’s third, and a fourth location is in the works.

Taylor said they experimented with many different recipes to develop the right donut for the vending machines. He didn’t want to fry the donuts, as raised donuts have a short shelf life.

Instead, Donut Trap ultimately embraced a cake donut approach, with a recipe that produces moist, dense donuts that stay fresh longer.

The donuts are baked and delivered daily, and Taylor said they’ve made midday trips to replenish supplies. On-board technology allows Donut Trap to monitor the stock in each machine in real time. “We’re always rotating in fresh products,” he said.

The baking is currently done in space shared with another local bakery, “but we’re really starting to grow and we hope to branch off in our own space in coming months,” Taylor said.

Stop by the machine on Concourse G on your next trip to MSP and sample the sweetness yourself!