Apr 12, 2023


April is Earth Month, and Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) marked the last four weeks with a clothing drive for airport employees. We worked with the PRISM Shop for Change Thrift Shop in Golden Valley and will deliver the clothing collected at month's end.

We also have a long list of ways for you to make your trip through MSP more sustainable whenever you're traveling. 

  • When planning your commute to MSP, consider using public transit to reduce overall vehicle emissions and fuel use. Both the Metro Blue Line LRT and the Route 54 bus serve MSP.
  • If you plan to park at the airport, consider the following options to minimize carbon emissions:
    • Located at Terminal 1, the Silver Ramp has easy access and ample parking to reduce idling as you navigate to an open space. Level 8 also features 50 electric vehicle charging stations.
    • Seek the top level of the Blue, Red, or Purple Ramp for expansive views of our solar arrays, which will shelter and shade your vehicle. In 2022, MSP’s solar panels generated enough electricity to power 550 homes for one year!
    • Try Prebooked Parking to further expedite your journey and eliminate printed receipts – it’s all on your phone.
  • If you’re picking someone up at MSP, consider using the cell phone waiting lot off of Post Road, convenient to both terminals. This minimizes congestion at the terminals and eliminates the need to circle.
  • Use your airline’s mobile app or mobilepassport.us for electronic travel documents.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle and fill it up at one of MSP’s filling stations after security.
  • If you find yourself hungry before a flight, consider dining in to eliminate single-use packaging. If you are in a hurry, consider Farmer’s Fridge. Available 24/7 at both terminals, this smart-tech refrigerated vending machine provides fresh and healthy food options for passengers on the go. Better yet, customers can deposit their BPA-free containers back into the machine, where they are later collected and recycled.
  • To help you sort your waste responsibly, the airport provides abundant recycling bins and signage to keep recycling out of the trash stream. For liquid waste, there are liquid diversion sinks located in the food courts at Terminal 1.
  • If you’re at Terminal 2, enjoy views of the green roof near Gates H12-H14. The vegetation reduces rainwater runoff, lessens heating and cooling requirements, and provides a habitat for bees and other wildlife.
  • Once inside either terminal, you’ll find artwork from many local artists inspired by local landscapes and using local materials to capture the area’s scenic beauty. Visit Arts@MSP to find your way to a wide variety of art installations and mosaics.

MSP appreciates your attention to efficient, sustainable strategies for your trip.