Feb 16, 2023

As the Navigating MSP Program celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2023, there are almost 5,000 all-time participants who can look back on the experience that made their trip through MSP easier.

Navigating MSP allows travelers with special needs to take a free practice run through the airport, experiencing everything from the TSA security lines, to the airport, its amenities and boarding process.

“What a fantastic event,” said participant Jen Seiler, after attending one of the recent Saturday morning programs. “We had a great time learning about MSP. Jesse now wants to fly! He is no longer afraid. Wonderful program. Bless you all for caring about all people.”

Sessions are held monthly. Due to demand, spots are only available for families traveling soon. Visit the program’s webpage for more information.

The MSP Travelers Assistance program – volunteers who staff many of the information booths at MSP – act as tour guides during the sessions, where participants board an actual plane. The program’s partners include the TSA and Delta Air Lines, whose pilots share ideas to make the airline experience as smooth as possible.

MSP and the Metropolitan Airports Commission, which operates MSP, are also thankful to Fraser and the Autism Society of Minnesota for their longstanding support of the program.