Best for visits longer than 4 hours.

  • Daily parking at Terminal 1 is offered in the Green, Gold, Blue, Red, Pink and Brown Ramps, with exception to Gold Level 3 which is Hourly parking only.
  • Green and Gold Parking Ramps are connected to Terminal 1 via enclosed skyways on Level 3.
  • Red, Blue, Pink and Brown Parking Ramps are connected to Terminal 1 via Level T.
  • Daily parking ramps are covered and have a clearance of 7'.
  • Need to charge an electric car? You’re in luck. Find electric vehicle-charging stations on Level 8 of both the Red and Blue Ramps.
  • With automated entrances and exits, there’s usually no waiting in line to park or head home. Simply use the same credit card to enter and exit the ramp.
First Hour $5
Each Additional Hour $3
Daily Maximum Charge $28


NEW! Prebooked Parking

Purchase your parking online before you arrive. When you prebook your parking (at least 12 hours before you travel), you don't have to worry about getting a spot. You're guaranteed a place to park. Even better? Prebooked parkers save $2/day on posted drive-up rates.

Prebook and save!

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