Best for visits longer than 4 hours.

  • Daily parking at Terminal 1 is offered in the Green, Gold, Blue, Red, Silver, Pink, and Brown Ramps, with the exception of Gold Level 3 which is Hourly parking only.
  • Green and Gold Parking Ramps are connected to Terminal 1 via enclosed skyways on Level 3.
  • Blue, Red, Silver, Pink, and Brown Parking Ramps are connected to Terminal 1 via Level T.
  • Daily parking ramps are covered and have a clearance of 7'.
  • Need to charge an electric vehicle? You’re in luck. Find electric vehicle charging stations on Level 8 of the Blue, Red, and Silver Ramps.
  • With automated entrances and exits, there’s usually no waiting in line to park or head home. Simply use the same credit card to enter and exit the ramp.
Duration Rate
First Hour $5
Each Additional Hour $3
Daily Maximum Charge $30


Prebooked Parking

Purchase your parking online before you arrive. When you prebook your parking (at least 12 hours before you travel), you don't have to worry about getting a spot. You're guaranteed a place to park. Even better? Prebooked parkers are guaranteed the best pricing at MSP.

Prebook and save!