Main Duties and Responsibilities:. 1. Prepares all food items prior to and during meal time periods according to written food orders. 2. Prepares, slices and chops meat, cheese and other food products. 3. Uses preparatory utensils such as knives, pans and slicers on a regular basis. 4. Uses deep fryer, electric choppers, mixers, blenders, steamers, graters, and other preparatory utensils. 5. Communicates with servers in a professional manner regarding customer orders. 6. Orders all essential food and other related items for the operational flow of the restaurant as needed. 7. Follows portion and quality control standards of the menu. 8. Ensures all leftover/unused food products are stored/restocked or disposed of properly. 9. Examines, labels and stores incoming food supplies in storage and refrigeration areas appropriately. 10. Ensures kitchen appliances and equipment have been cleaned and turned off at the end of each work day. 11. Maintains work areas in a sanitized and orderly manner in compliance with state health and safety regulations. 12. Maintains food product inventory and notifies owner of any shortages. 13. Reports any health and/or safety concerns/violations immediately to management.
Cook-Quick Service
Broad Functions: Responsible for preparing and portioning food products and complying with all applicable sanitation, health, and personal hygiene standards and following established food production programs and procedures. Responsible for appropriate use of facility supplies and equipment (dicing, chopping, creating sauce for use by line, slicing meats on slicer, portion control etc.) to minimize loss, waste, injury and fraud. Prepare food orders for the restaurant and to assure the smooth operation of the kitchen by performing the following duties.

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