The Ramp Agent is responsible for marshaling aircraft in and out of the gate, operating GSE, loading, unloading and sorting freight, mail and baggage in a safe manner while also achieving on-time departures and arrivals. 




• Marshals aircraft on the ramp including directing, assisting and parking all arriving, departing and towed aircrafts in accordance with safety policy and procedures

• Performs wing walker duties to protect the aircraft wing from equipment in the path of pushback and maintains visual contact with the pushback driver to alert the driver of any danger

• Lifts, loads/unloads, sorts and transfers passenger baggage, airmail, freight and company material in and out of aircraft bins, belt loader or baggage carts in a safe manner and within specific time constraints

• Maintains safety and security of the ramp at all times and complies with safety procedures and policies

• Drives/operates ramp equipment including but not limited to bag tugs, belt loaders, aircraft tow tractors and water and lavatory servicing vehicles in a safe manner

• Reads and verifies the city and flight number for every bag to ensure correct loading of customer bags

• Work in the baggage make-up area and prioritize baggage load for delivery to the proper aircraft for loading

• Safeguards customers' baggage from weather, loss, theft, damage and/or destruction

• Other duties as assigned


• High School diploma or GED

• Strong work ethic

• Ability to work in a team oriented environment

• Ability to pass a pre-employment drug screen and criminal history background check

• Flexibility to work a variety of shifts, including nights, weekends, holidays and overtime

• Must be able to lift / carry / push / pull and move items of 70 pounds and/or more on a regular basis and repetitively lift weights of 40 to 50 pounds on raised surfaces

• Must be able to walk, climb, bend, kneel, crawl, and stoop on a frequent basis and for extended periods

• Must be able to work in cramped or high places

• Must be able to carry heavy items up and down jet way stairs


• Paid Time Off

• Profit Sharing 

• Free Parking 

• Life Insurance

• Medical and Dental Coverage, HSA

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