Shift Supervisor

Essential Functions (including but not limited to): Under the direction and leadership of the Program and Performance Managers, the Shift Supervisor will be responsible for managing the Screening Officers in daily operations. Experience with and understanding of the job function of each of the posts is paramount to successfully managing the officers performing these functions. Working in conjunction with the airport and government agencies, the main priority of supervisors is to ensure that we maintain compliance with local and federal regulations in respect to each of the following:

  • Reporting actual or potential breach of Airport Security
  • Maintain all communication protocols in a professional and efficient manner
  • Incident response including communicating with necessary airport community stakeholders and first responders to ensure timely response to all reported incidents
  • Maintaining access control to secured areas within the airport
  • Maintaining integrity of the secure area by identifying threat items at the screening checkpoint, and following protocol and chain of command when one is identified
  • Verify personal identification and access badge of person/people requesting entrance to secured areas
  • Prepare written reports and records of all events, i.e., discrepancies, security incidents or breaches.

Inquiries and Information

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