Reducing Vehicle Theft and Break-ins

MSP is a safe and convenient place to park your vehicle. The parking ramps are well-lit, monitored with cameras, equipped with blue emergency call boxes, and patrolled regularly. Vehicle break-ins anywhere are a classic example of crime based on opportunity. Follow these tips to make your vehicle less appealing to a thief:

  • Don't invite a break-in by leaving valuables in sight. Electronics, briefcases, purses, bags and even change are all tempting to a thief. Keep items in your trunk and out of view.
  • Take valuables with you whether they can be seen or not.
  • Never leave your keys in your vehicle. (This is a violation of local ordinance.)

Luggage Theft

Theft from checked luggage is another concern. Follow these tips to reduce your chances of being a victim:

  • Do not pack valuables in your checked luggage (phones, laptops, tablets, jewelry, currency, etc.).
  • Avoid using expensive-looking luggage. Thieves figure if the bag is expensive, the contents might be valuable also.
  • Do not pack firearms unless a necessity for your trip. If you do, remember to follow TSA guidelines.
  • Do not pack medication in your checked luggage.
  • Lock your luggage with TSA-approved baggage locks.
  • Do not check your bag more than three hours prior to your flight's departure.
  • If required to check carry-on luggage at the gate, be prepared to remove valuables from this luggage prior to turning it over to the airline.
  • Upon arrival, proceed to baggage claim to retrieve your luggage immediately.
  • Immediately report lost/stolen luggage to your airline.
  • Immediately report any stolen items from your luggage to your airline and the Airport Police Department.

Curbside Security

Traffic control agents are on-duty around the clock patrolling in front of the terminal buildings. Due to federal regulations, parking is not allowed curbside; it is a loading/unloading zone only. The alternatives to waiting curbside are to park in the short-term or hourly parking lots, or wait in the Cell Phone Lot located off of Highway 5 and Post Road until your party is ready to be picked up.

The Airport Police are committed to providing good customer service while enforcing federal security regulations. Please contact us at or 612-726-5115 should you have any questions or comments regarding curbside security procedures or policies.

Get Involved in Crime Prevention Programs

Even though our community boasts a reputation as a safe place to work, visit and transit, crime happens – even here. Programs such as Night to Unite and Airport Watch allow the public to become more involved and be the "eyes and ears" of law enforcement. Please contact the Airport Police Department for more information about these programs at 612-726-5115.