When you’re driving into MSP's Terminal 1, remember that you can go up or down when you’re dropping off or picking someone up. The departures level is up, in the right-hand lanes. Arrivals (baggage-claim) level is ground level, in the left-hand lanes.


  • When dropping off during a busy time of the day, consider using the arrivals level. Similarly, you can use the departures level when picking someone up. Text your passengers to set up a meeting point. Doors are numbered.
  • If you need a place to wait before picking up a passenger, consider the cell phone lot on Post Road, located just off of Hwy. 5. The drive to either terminal is typically five minutes or less. When your passenger lands and is ready for you to pick them up, have them text or call you with the door number at either Terminal 1 or Terminal 2 where they will be waiting.
  • Visit MnDOT’s 511 website before you head out to see if the delays on MSP’s inbound roadway are stretching out to Hwy. 5. Zoom in on the metro area to see the conditions near the airport. If you see delays near MSP, consider giving yourself some extra time to navigate the congestion.
  • If traffic is backed up onto Hwy. 5, another option to consider: Dropping off your passengers at a Blue Line LRT station near the airport. This interactive route map shows station locations. Standard fares apply.
  • You can also park in one of the ramps if that is more convenient for either picking up or dropping off. Hourly rates for Terminal 1 can be found here. Hourly rates for Terminal 2 can be found here.