Dec 22, 2022

The holidays are here and travelers’ flying activity is expected to increase significantly in the days ahead.

Daily passenger numbers at MSP Airport are expected to rise in the days ahead of each of the three remaining weekends in December. Thursday the 22nd and Monday the 26th are expected to be among the busiest days at MSP. The days immediately after Jan. 1 are expected to see heavier passenger volumes as well.

MSP will have additional staff in the ticketing lobbies to direct passengers to appropriate lines and help with wayfinding and other questions. We still recommend that passengers arrive two hours ahead of domestic flights, three hours ahead of international flights, and suggest you stay in touch with your airline regarding your flight’s status.

MSP is offering discounts for Prebooked Parking during the holiday, which will allow you to save $7 a day on Daily parking at Terminal 1 ramps from Wed., Dec. 21 to Tuesday, Jan. 3. And Prebooked always guarantees a parking space for $2 less than daily drive-up rates.

If the inbound roadway at Terminal 1 gets crowded, remember that drivers can go up or down to the terminal’s departures or arrivals levels to pick up or drop off passengers. For pick-ups, also consider using the cell phone lot on Post Road, where you can stage yourself while you wait for a call from your passenger after they have their bags.

If you’re flying with children, please visit the TSA’s tips for traveling with children, and other travel tips including what you can and cannot bring through security. You can also discover additional MSP resources to help you travel with confidence.

Once inside, you’ll notice a variety of new dining options, especially if you haven’t been to MSP in a while. For pre-flight dining, you have options to make your airport experience time-efficient at both terminals. At Terminal 1, MSP ASAP offers options to order ahead and pick up your items. At Terminal 2, travelers can order ahead from several restaurants and skip the lines.

Plan ahead to make your seasonal travels a joy!