Jan 9, 2023

Looking back on 2022, MSP Airport’s rebound in passenger traffic included robust days of travel near several holidays. Thursdays and Sundays continue to be the days that are regularly the most popular with travelers, based on data from the Transportation Security Administration that records the number of people moving through security checkpoints. The data doesn’t include people who caught connecting flights at MSP.

Of the top 20 days of 2022 for passenger travel, Thursdays and Sundays accounted for 10 of those, with the single busiest day of the year being Oct. 20, which was the Thursday of the MEA school holiday weekend. A total of 41,950 passengers passed through MSP security checkpoints that day.

Five of MSP’s 20 busiest days in 2022 occurred in March, related to spring break travel. Four of the top days were in October, near the MEA break, and another four were in late December, in the heart of the holiday season.

Near the end of January, MSP Airport will release its full-year results for 2022, which is expected to show substantial gains in overall traffic. MSP and the Metropolitan Airports Commission thank all the travelers who returned to the skies last year, and we look forward to welcoming more flyers back in 2023.