Dec 1, 2020

The “see18”  film space at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport’s Terminal 1 recently pushed the refresh button, with new programming and amenities to better serve passengers looking for a visual interlude. (The see18 name is a nod to its location near Gate C18).

On Jan. 1, Arts@MSP -- a partnership between the Airport Foundation MSP and the Metropolitan Airports Commission -- began showing content provided by its new partners, TED and TPT - the Twin Cities’ public television station.

TED, of TED Talks fame, is contributing a variety of talk videos about everything from creativity and filmmaking to a humorous take on procrastination.

TPT’s contributions feature several films with a Minnesota focus – including a piece about the city of Saint Paul’s past and a look at how Minnesota became a leader in technology-focused enterprises.

Also new to see18 are added creature comforts, including more comfortable seating and improved video screen technology.

Individual videos run in length from a matter of minutes to about an hour, and in total provide 8 hours of programming on a loop that runs 24-hours-a-day .

For travelers who would rather experience the see18 content on a laptop computer or other digital device – anywhere, anytime -- Arts@MSP also provides it at this web page.

“With this new programming, we’re seeing the next version of see18,” said Youa Vang, the performing arts coordinator for Arts@MSP. “We think passengers will find the programming engaging and entertaining, and also enlightening.”

The programming from TED and TPT is set to run through 2021. The see18 film space is free and open to travelers inside the secure area of Terminal 1.