Dec 17, 2020

While the number of travelers at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport (MSP) is down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the airport continues to provide safe and reliable services to those who are traveling.

The federal government classifies airports as an essential service -- one that needs to continue operating and serving travelers during the pandemic.

About 40 percent of MSP travelers are at the airport on a layover -- some of which can be several hours long. Delayed flights can also result in travelers spending more time than they planned at the airport. Both types of travelers have similar needs for access to food while at MSP.

In response to the pandemic, the airport’s concessionaires – both restaurants and retailers – have changed how they interact with customers.

Full-service, sit-down restaurants are operating at a maximum of 50 percent capacity. All tables and bar stools are separated by at least six feet. And diners are required to wear a mask when they are not eating or drinking.

Important to note is that travelers are not required to eat within the restaurants. If they order food to go, they can eat it in any public location inside the terminal.

The airport and its concessionaires have also expanded the availability of apps that provide online menus, ordering and payment functions. If you’re planning a trip in the near future, check out the MSP ASAP website for information about contactless ordering at Terminal 1. The Grab app and the AtYourGate app also provide contactless ordering and payment options at Terminal 1.

As an additional layer of safety, MSP and its concessionaires have increased the number of hand sanitizer stations and have added Plexiglas shields throughout the terminal where travelers may need to have closer contact with airport workers. Those strategies are part of MSP’s Travel Confidently program, which includes the requirement for everyone to wear a face covering while at MSP.