Busy Week Ahead at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport

Oct 9, 2015

Next week is traditionally one of the busiest weeks of the year at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport - a fact mainly attributable to Minnesota families taking time away during Education MN Week.

If you're flying for any reason next week, we urge you to get here early. At least 90 minutes is recommended. But if you are traveling with children you may want to plan a little more.

This year parking can be a snap if you park at the Quick Ride Ramp (QRR) At Terminal 1. Opened last Spring, the QRR provides a fast, cheap alternative to parking at Terminal 1-Lindbergh's general ramps. Located on airport property - 5 minutes away by FREE shuttle - the cost is only $14 per day (compared with $22 a day for general parking). 

Just remember, if you're flying Southwest, Sun Country, Condor, or Icelandair - go to Terminal 2-Humphrey!