Design Goals

  • Provide a more efficient space for airlines to process passengers with new, self-service check-in kiosks.
  • Provide better and more intuitive pathways for moving between levels, including improving sightlines from one end of the corridor to the other and out to the curbside.
  • Provide more opportunity for natural daylighting to filter into the spaces.
  • Increase the capacity of the baggage carousels to accommodate the increase in passengers and their checked bags.
  • Consolidate services, such as restrooms, help desks, and food and retail into one central location—on both levels—making it easier to find those amenities and meet up with others.
  • Improve efficiency and increase the capacity of the security checkpoints.

Work Completed Thus Far

  • The inefficient and view-blocking scissor escalators have been dismantled and replaced with a set of four, centrally located elevators and a set of escalators on either end.
  • An additional 16 feet has been added to both levels by bumping out the front of the curtain wall.
  • The mezzanine space above the ticket lobby has been significantly reduced, eliminating the need for view-blocking columns on the departures level, which meant moving the Armed Forces Service Center from the mezzanine overlooking the departures level to its newly constructed home on Concourse A.
  • Ticket counters and passenger queuing space have been reconfigured to accommodate self-service kiosks.
  • Large, centrally located restrooms have been added on both levels.
  • Three reconfigured and larger-capacity baggage carousels have opened.
  • A new, brightly lit, 10-lane security checkpoint on the North end of the departures level opened on February 16, 2016, taking the place of four smaller checkpoints.
  • The South Security Checkpoint (previously Checkpoint 6) has also been expanded to accommodate xx screening lanes (up from the original 6), and the queuing space enlarged.
  • Construction of a new security exit (with unmanned exit technology) off Concourse G provides a more convenient exit for people needing an elevator. It also allowed additional baggage carousel space to be added on the arrivals level


Work to be Completed

  • A new centralized seating and concessions space on the departures level
  • Replacement and expansion of 5 additional baggage carousels on the arrivals level
  • Demolition of the remaining mezzanine space overlooking the departures level
  • Completion of the terrazzo floor installation
  • Ticket counters and passenger queuing space are being reconfigured to accommodate self-service kiosks.
  • The South Security Checkpoint will be expanded to accommodate 3-4 additional screening lanes

Other Front Door Improvements 

  • A new Service Animal/Pet Relief Area and smoking shelter have been added outdoors on the arrivals level.
  • A signature artwork will anchor the newly renovated spaces that travelers and others will be able to see and interact with from both the arrivals and departures levels. More information about the project can be found here.