Excellent value for all passengers.

  • Value parking is offered in the Orange and Purple Ramps at Terminal 2.

  • Connects to Terminal 1 via free light rail service.

  • Parking ramps are covered and have a clearance of 6'-10".

  • Need to charge an electric vehicle? You’re in luck. Find electric vehicle charging stations on Level 7 of the Orange Ramp.

  • With automated entrances and exits, there’s usually no waiting in line to park or head home. You can prebook online to enter and exit the ramp by scanning your QR code. If you don’t have a reservation, simply use the same credit or debit card to enter and exit the ramp.

  • Not sure which Terminal you're flying in and out of? When you prebook your parking online, our website will make a recommendation based on your selected airline.

Duration Rate
First Hour $5
Each Additional Hour $3
Daily Maximum Charge $23