Call for Assistance Stations

Call for Assistance intercoms are located under the blue lights on columns in each section of the ramps.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot

If you are picking someone up at either of the terminal buildings, you may choose to wait for their call in the complimentary cell phone waiting lot located approximately half way between the two terminals on Post Road.

Duplicate Receipts

If you are in need of a duplicate receipt for a recent MSP airport parking, call 612-725-4670 and select option 6, then option 3; or e-mail us at

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are located in parking ramps at both terminals. At Terminal 1, five charging stations can be found in Daily Parking, level 8 of both the Red and Blue ramps. At Terminal 2, four charging stations can be found in MSP Value Parking, Orange ramp on level 7. There is no additional fee to charge electric vehicles.


Parking ramps are patrolled by police and are under camera surveillance 24 hours a day.

The Airport Police Department provides parking ramp escorts upon request. Please call 612-726-5577 for assistance or press one of the red Call for Assistance buttons located under a blue light.

Special Needs Shuttle Between Terminals

For customers with mobility limitations, including families with small children and luggage, a courtesy Special Needs shuttle is available as an alternative to light rail between terminals.

The shuttle picks up passengers on the ground level of the Purple parking ramp at Terminal 2 and drops them off at Terminal 1. When you return, you can find the shuttle at the Terminal 1 Ground Transport Center for your ride back to the Terminal 2.  

Towing, Lock Outs, Jump Starts

Call Mark's Towing at 651-454-1533 for towing, jump starts, lock outs, or any other emergency vehicle service.