Engagement Opportunities

On this page, you will find information about how to participate in the long-term planning process. When public meetings are scheduled, you will find all the information associated with them here - including materials that are handed out or presented at the meetings.

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You can also always reach us at MSPAirportLongTermPlan@mspmac.org.

To learn more about the Metropolitan Airports Commission's stakeholder engagement program, download this document.

Public Events

Four public events are expected to take place for this project to ensure the public has all the information it needs to understand the process, as well as providing the opportunity to ask questions and provide input.

Note: The topics below are subject to change per event. 

Public Event #1: Public Event #2:
  • Introduction to the MSP Airport Long-Term
    Comprehensive Plan Process
  • Guiding Principles
  • Existing Conditions
  • Aircraft Activity Forecasts
  • Facility Requirements
  • Airfield Capacity Study Update


Public Event #3: Public Event #4:
  • Alternative Design Concepts
  • Recommended Development & Phasing
  • Environmental/Land Use Considerations
  • Airfield Capacity Study Update
  • Review Draft Plan
  • Take comments


The Plan may not incorporate all of the input provided by the public. The project team will listen to concerns, input and aspirations shared by the public and, when possible, make changes to alternatives developed to reflect public input. Additionally, feedback will be provided to the public on how it influenced decisions in the plan. 

Stakeholder Advisory Panel

The objectives of the Stakeholder Advisory Panel (Panel) are to present information about the planning process to major stakeholder groups and to ensure that those tasked with making planning decisions hear and consider public concerns and aspirations related to the process.  

Specifically, the Panel is an advisory board representing major stakeholder groups that have an interest in the planning process. The Panel serves several important functions, including:

  • Representing a broad range of stakeholder groups;
  • Receiving information about the planning process; and 
  • Communicating public concerns and aspirations as the voice of key stakeholders.

It is important to note that the Panel serves only in an advisory capacity. While the Panel may offer opinions, advice, and guidance, the MAC is solely responsible for all planning decisions.

A roster of the Stakeholder Advisory Panel can be found here

Meeting materials will be posted on the documents and links page when they become available.