Access to Airport Facilities

Federal regulations generally limit access to sterile areas of airports (those located beyond security checkpoints) to ticketed travelers, airport employees, and people with legitimate airport business.

In keeping with those regulations, the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC) does not provide media access to airline gate areas, concessions, the airfield , or any other sites beyond security checkpoints. The only exceptions are for:

  • Public meetings of the MAC
  • MAC news conferences or media events held in the sterile area
  • Meetings with MAC employees

Reporters wishing to gain access to leased locations in the sterile area, such as airline gate areas or airport concessions, must work with the leaseholder to gain access. Leaseholders have the right to approve or deny that access at their discretion.

Parking for the Media

Only microwave trucks may use the live media parking areas near the Terminals. Please note: MSP's roadway system cannot accommodate satellite trucks. The roadway height clearance at Terminal 1 (Glumack Drive) is 11'-8". The height clearance at Terminal 2 (Humphrey Drive) is 14'.

When you pull into a media truck parking spot, immediately call our emergency communication center at 612-726-5577. A representative will have a police officer or traffic control agent meet you at your vehicle. You will need to show your driver’s license and provide a contact phone number in case the Airport Police Department needs to contact you while you are away from the vehicle. A member of the Airport Police Department will also inspect the vehicle. The vehicle cannot be left unattended until it has been inspected by the Airport Police Department.

All other media vehicles must park in a public ramp. The height restrictions vary by ramp, see below:

  • Daily Parking (Terminal 1): 7' height clearance
  • Hourly Parking (Terminal 1): 7' height clearance (9'-2" for oversized vehicles)
  • Value Parking (Terminal 2): 6'-10" height clearance
  • Hourly Parking (Terminal 2): 8'-2" height clearance

In situations where you may be unable to access the airport via vehicle, you may want to consider using the Metro Transit's Light-Rail Train.


Live Shots

Local television media outlets (KSTP, WCCO, KMSP, KARE, and FOX) have provided hard-wired cable to one or both terminals and have first priority for parking in live media parking areas. Areas for live shots include:


Terminal 1

  • The mezzanine level above the ticketing lobby, near the entrance to the Gold Parking Ramp skyway
  • At live truck parking on the east upper-level roadway, near the Green Parking Ramp

Terminal 2

  • The north end of the terminal in the Ticketing Lobby