The MSP Arts and Culture Program brings the arts to the airport.

Charged with a mission to enhance the airport, the nonprofit Airport Foundation MSP developed the MSP Arts and Culture Program in partnership with the airport’s governing body, the Metropolitan Airports Commission (MAC). By 2008, the Arts and Culture Steering Committee had created the program's Master Plan to provide a framework for its operations and future initiatives.

The Foundation handles ongoing responsibility for coordination of projects, exhibits, and performances; communication with artists, community members, and project staff; and installation of equipment and exhibits. The MAC provides funding, spaces within the airport, infrastructure improvements to airport facilities, and involvement in all aspects of commissioned artworks that will be a part of airport infrastructure.

The MSP Arts and Culture Program showcases the Upper Midwest’s diverse artistic community, natural environment, and cultural heritage. Multi-faceted, dynamic, and supportive of both internal and external communities, the program delivers arts that transform airport spaces, enhance the travel experience, and create a unique sense of place at MSP.

For all the details about the MSP Arts and Culture Programs, please visit the Foundation's website at There you will find information about MSP's visual and performing arts programs and events.

Terminal 1 Signature Artwork - The Aurora

The Aurora, the long-awaited custom-designed, signature artwork for MSP’s Terminal 1, is near completion and will soon be installed on the non-secure side of the terminal. The artwork, created by internationally-renowned artist Jen Lewin, represents the natural light phenomenon that occurs in the northern night sky during certain times of the year – often referred to as the Northern Lights or the Aurora Borealis.

The metal honeycombed structure, which will eventually feature more than 8,000 LEDS encased in 2,667 hand-blown bulbs, has been lifted into place. The Aurora is suspended between the ticketing and baggage claim levels through an oval opening in the floor. 

Also part of The Aurora and nestled into the floor of the baggage claim level, is an 18-foot-wide interactive grouping of reflective glass platforms, loosely depicting public lakes in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area including Lake Phalen, Como Lake, Lake Nokomis and Lake of the Isles. People standing on the lake platforms or moving within the lake floor will be able to trigger changes in the colors beneath their feet, and at the same time trigger wisps of color changes in the structure above.

Installation of The Aurora will continue through early 2021. To follow its progress, check back here or follow MSP Airport on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

About the Artist

Jen Lewin is an internationally renowned artist known for her large-scale, technology-driven artwork, including another interactive work, the Sidewalk Harp, in downtown Minneapolis.

More of Jen Lewin’s work can be viewed at these links: | @jenlewinstudio | @ArtistJenLewin | @jenlewin